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Kiev, st. Oles Gonchar, 67

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О ресторане

10 years ago fresh seafood and fish were only available abroad. Back then gourmets could only dream about the “catch of the day”, French oysters, carpaccio and bluefin tuna because they were not available in Kiev.

But then the first and the best restaurant with a tasty name “IKRA” was opened. After a little gastronomic revolution “IKRA” was the first who taught clients how to eat oysters, make them learn about seafood, value the freshness and taste of fish that were brought from all over the world.

Restaurant is still very popular, loyal clients come again and again to try new dishes that chief has to offer. They bring friends to try fresh fish, lovers to spend a romantic dinner and kids to get some vitamins. The secret of its success is simple: “IKRA” is a combination of the finest service, quality cuisine, smart location and care for details.

Details create the unique atmosphere of “IKRA”. It has its own parking place, which is very rare for a place in the city center. Waiters are very polite and build personal relationships with every guest: they can foresee your orders. There are three rooms and each of them is comfortable and cozy, with unique atmosphere and purpose. The first one is more like a dining room, panoramic windows bring light during daytime and candles create a comfy feeling at evenings. The second one can be called Fountain Hall; it has a glass wall that gives guests privacy. It’s a pleasure to have a Birthday party or any other celebration there. Murmuring fountains make the atmosphere complete. The last hall is loved by business people. It’s perfect if you’re going to have a meeting. It’s also great for a romantic date during night time. Warm lighting, bright interior details and invisible service keep all meetings in private. Interior design is like its guests. It has respectable and mighty details and combines several stylistic movements. Oriental motives on walls decently combined with velvet chairs and sofas, black wood and golden light of lamps that were design for “IKRA”. Everything is intertwined to create a perfect base for the main purpose of your visit: making new gastronomic discoveries.

Restaurant menu is a combination of ocean and sea gifts, where fish and seafood got special attention. Dishes were chosen in a way to reveal the taste of seafood, get guests acquainted with the world culinary heritage and safe all useful elements of the ingredients. Start your journey with caviar and oysters then continue with specialty salads made of octopus or crab, tartare and carpaccio, Thai and French soups, homemade pasta and prawn risotto, royal seafood set for two and famous fish dishes. It would be silly to just pass by Japanese cuisine: rolls, sashimi and sushi are there. You should also pay attention to the local menu, for instance, consider trying a black sea catch.

It should be said that restaurant has everything to cook fish in many ways, including steaming, grill, smokery, wood burning stove or frying pan. Homemade sauces add racy flavors. The final touch is sparkling wine and a couple of cocktails to make the excellent evening complete. “IKRA” wine card includes both the world’s top wines and newest trends in mixology.


There is no need to fly a thousand kilometers; you can have the ocean right now. “IKRA” restaurant is a guarantee of success!